About Us

Centurian Commercial Pest Control, Inc. was established in 2004, and with over 27 years of experience of specialized technical services behind us for every type of business, whether it be commercial or residential. We are confident in knowing that we have a whole host of customized programs to help any of our customer's no matter what their needs.

Our goal is ensure that our customers are provided with the best possible response from the initial call, and inspection, to the initial service from one of our highly trained technicians, who are especially trained to not only provide excellent customer service and support, but to having the technical ability to resolve any pest issue we are called in to resolve for our clients. Along with this its important for us to help educate our customers along the way on why they are experiencing these pest issues, and how they can best avoid these problems in the future, which ultimately saves them time and money, and a whole host of complications in the future.

We pride ourselves on our service excellence, and have maintained an excellent reputation with our clients over the years, and this is only maintained through setting high standards in our services through excellent technical training, also having the right people on our team, and a professional delivery of our services. We ultimately want our clients to always come back to us for any future pest solutions, without having to worry about reliability, quality, standard of service, and cost.