Specialized Inspection Services Program

We have an extensive background and experience in providing specialized services for companies within the Food Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehousing, Medical Services, Wholesale, Retail, Schools, and Maritime operations with customized pest management programs to suit each business, including detailed reporting for independent, and government inspectors for example; if your facility is inspected by the following: AIB, ASI, Tricon, Silliker, DOA, FDA, ISO 22000, and USDA FSIS to name a few.

It is crucial for you to know that your pest control provider has the ability, and an understanding of what is required at every level to ensure that your business will pass inspection each year without fail, and without penalty for discrepancies in reporting or service, which ultimately can affect your future business. We understand how important this is to our clients, and have many clients who rely on us each year for this standard of service, so if your business requires this level of service we are the company to provide it, and will be happy to assess whatever your needs are to ensure you achieve these high standards for you business.

General Insect Control Programs

General Insect control programs will vary dependent on the types of insects infestation found. The insects in this category vary from Cockroaches, Ants, Silverfish, Casual Invaders, Beetles, Millipedes, and any most other crawling insects.

Most insects always gain access into a property from the exterior perimeters, generally from soil beds, mulch beds, trees, hedges, and shrubs around a property, and generally enter through gaps in windows, and doors, and in some cases holes in walls, and infirm structures. Once established on the interior, they can spread and be very difficult to control. The treatments can vary from baiting, and insecticidal applications, again this is dependent on the insects being treated. It is crucial in knowing the correct insecticide to use for a particular pest insect, otherwise control will be impossible to attain, so overall good technical knowledge, and experience is essential to ensure the correct methods are deployed.

Rodent Control Programs

We provide an extensive Rodent control program, which involves exterior rodent bait station placement around the exterior perimeters of any property that requires this protection, and control against rats or mice.

The rodent stations not only act as a control of rats and mice, but also as a monitoring tool to indicate levels of activity around a property. On the interior we use a different set of tools to again not only catch and remove rodents, but again we can monitor for ongoing activity. This equipment includes Ketchall traps, glue boards, snap traps, bait, and liquid rodenticides where applicable.

Exterior Termidor Treatment Programs

The exterior perimeters of any commercial, or residential property is wide open to a variety of pest insects, and is primarily where insects like ants and cockroaches come from, and without regular treatments of mulch beds, soil beds, trees, hedges, flower beds, and shrubs. These insects generally will find their way into a structure of a building for several reasons, food, shelter, and water, if they cannot find these elements on the exterior they will invade a building to access these resources.

So the key here is to maintain a permanent barrier on the exterior of a building using Termidor to ensure they do not grow in number and gain access into your property. We provide our clients with an annual Termidor treatment to all the exterior perimeters including all trees, shrubs, mulch beds, soil beds, and flower beds in order to prevent any further infestations, please note Termidor can now be applied on the exterior once per year, or up to four times per year at lower dosages, that is how strong this insecticide is, and you can be assured it will take care of any insect activity around your property guaranteed.

Bed Bug Programs

Bed Bugs are a specialized insect to treat for, as they require a more intensive level of service to eliminate completely, and this requires the cooperation and involvement of the customer in order to completely eradicate this pest from a property. Bed Bugs are very difficult to eliminate due to the fact that they can get into every nook and cranny in a room, from furniture, too wall hangings, wallpaper seems, outlets, inside electrical equipment, not to mention the obvious place they begin, which is the box spring, and mattresses next to the human host.

You can learn more about Bed Bugs on our pest education page, as it is too extensive to discuss here. As for our treatments for these insects, there is no better way to treat for bed bugs than by the old fashioned chemical application across every surface within the infested room, or building, and dusting out of all wall voids surrounding these areas. This is an intensive and generally very expensive treatment, and cannot be done by any cheap methods, Bed Bugs are extremely resilient and very difficult to kill, especially if you use the wrong chemical applications, and method. We have several options available to our customers, and these vary depending on the level of infestation found, and the areas affected, so it is difficult to provide one course of action here without inspecting the infestation first hand.

Specialized Spider Programs

Spiders are a huge issue for most businesses, as they can infest an entire building inside and out in a very short period of time, and need regular control in order to maintain their numbers to acceptable levels. Black, Brown, and Red Widows, also the Brown Recluse Spiders are the most prolific species of dangerous spiders in Florida, and they can be a huge health and safety issue for most businesses, not to mention residential properties. We have several treatment programs to maintain controls over spider infestations, and are quite simple to implement.

Stored Product Insect Programs

Stored product insects are a specialized pest to deal with, and require an extensive understanding of the pest involved and the correct treatment methods to control. Stored product insects generally occur from raw product, before and during being processed at the factory, mills, and packaging and distribution locations. They are then generally distributed to wholesale and eventually retail stores, where they are then purchased by customers and brought home.

These pests can vary from beetles, moths, and weevils, etc. to name a few. They can infest grains, rice, flour, corn, and a multitude of different food products. We have many different programs to handle stored product insects, from initial monitoring, to insecticidal treatments, and outside fumigation applications.

Fruit Flies/Moth-Filter Flies/and general Flies Program

Flies in general are a huge problem for most businesses, and are not only a nuisance, but they are a huge reason for the transfer of parasites, and diseases. So whether we are dealing with general house flies of specialized species like Fruit flies, and Moth/Filter flies, we have several treatment methods on detecting the infestation to elimination. Our treatments include extensive sanitation recommendations for our clients, especially due to the fact that most fly issues are associated with sanitation problems within a facility.

Fleas, Ticks, and Head lice Programs

Fleas, Ticks, and Head Lice require a whole different approach when treating, and are not any where near as difficult to treat for as Bed Bugs, but they can still pose a huge challenge, when pets or people are involved. Generally with Fleas, Ticks, and Head Lice they can be treated quite quickly within two or three treatments, depending on the size of the infestation, and they do not require the intensive preparation, or the cost of what a Bed Bug infestation would take. Again this can only be assessed after inspection of the affected areas.

Bird Proofing Programs

Birds can be a huge problem for most businesses, due to their nesting habits, and the damage they can cause through their feces, nesting materials, transmission of diseases, and the transfer of other pests like lice, mites, and a variety of other destructive insects into a property. We provide a variety of specialist bird proofing options to eliminate bird nesting sites, cleanup, and prevention methods to deter birds from establishing nesting sites and invading a building for nesting reasons. They can range from bird spikes, electronic deterrents, to netting, and a variety of other options depending on the infestation that needs to be controlled.

Squirrel and Feral Cat Trapping Programs

We generally do not provide wild animal trapping and removal, but there are a few species we do provide this service for, which are Squirrels, and Feral Cats. We can provide and set traps to catch and remove these pests as required for our customers on demand.

Wood Boring Insects

Wood Boring Insects are the largest family of Insects throughout the world, and can cause serious damage to not only furniture, but also structures they infest. We provide multiple programs to treat against these insects depending on the insect in question, and what is infested. This category also includes Carpenter Bees.

Sanitation Assessment, and Recommendation Programs

Sanitation is quite often overlooked as being a reason why some businesses, or residential properties have ongoing pest issues. Most pests need access to food, or even fermenting liquids like Fruit flies, and if these food sources are not eliminated, then there is very little hope to ever control the pest issues, like ants, cockroaches, rats, mice, and most species of flies. So we provide free assessments for our clients on how to best maintain their facilities regarding sanitation in order to help us help them eradicate any existing, and future pest issues.

Building Structure Proofing Programs

Proofing a building against pests is a step that most businesses, and residential properties overlook, as being part of the pest prevention process, and needs to be considered as an important step as the treatment of the pests, as this is the prime reason they gain access into a structure in the first place. Proofing means the elimination of access points like gaps in windows, doors, door bases, holes in walls, and the maintenance of the building structure in order to prevent future infestations of most pest species. We provide a variety of solutions for this, and can carry out these jobs for our clients if they do not have the man power to handle this work for themselves.